10 Plus Safari Add Ons For The Mac Lovers

by Ritu

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After the huge success of our very first post, we decided we would do a series of plugins for different browsers. We have already covered Firefox and we are planning on Internet Explorer and Opera in near future.

Today we bring you some of the most amazing add-ons and hacks for Safari. Go ahead Apple lovers, drool over this post! ;-)

1. SAFT : If you are looking for an ad-blocker, history and bookmark search, URL shortcuts, draggable tabs and a whole lot of other features then this plug-in is a must for you. However, this one comes at a price of $ 12.

2. Safari Stand : Consider this plug-in as a mixture of All-in-one-sidebar & Greasemonkey. It has some other useful features too, however the ability to alter the webpage (i.e. removal of flash ads, javascripts, choosing custom stylesheets etc.) and that it adds a sidebar where you can view bookmarks, history etc. is what impressed me most about this plug-in.

Caution : Safari Stand is in Beta and can causes trouble like frequent crashes etc. So, install it at your own risk.

3. Inquisitor : It’s your spotlight for the web. It auto completes your search, gives suggestions and you can add more search engines to your safari. It’s a must install for every safari user.

4. PicLens : Although, this plugin is not available for the latest version of Safari i.e. 3.1 + at the moment, this plugin is simply superb and it deserves a mention in this post of Safari add ons.

5. Stumbleupon : Well, if you want to run Stumbleupon in safari then it becomes a pain as there is no plug-in for safari by the Stumbleupon team. However, if you add this URL in the bookmarks toolbar, then you’ll be able to use Stumbleupon without any problems. Of course this is not a plug-in, it’s just a small tip.

6. PDF Browser Plugin : PDF Browser plugin allows you to view the PDF’s directly in Safari. Once this plug-in is installed, it won’t give you the option of downloading the PDF, but instead will display the PDF directly, just like it happens in IE or Firefox with Adobe reader plug-in installed.

7. Emulate iPhone Safari : This is a small hack or tip which allows you to view iPhone enabled websites directly on your Mac (of great benefit to a lot of us). David Alison tells you how you can emulate Safari as IE and with similar steps, you can emulate it as mobile safari as well.

8. CocoaSuite : Well, it’s not a direct plug-in of Safari, it’s an application which enables mouse gestures for any cocoa based application and that includes Safari, of course. You can enable mouse-gestures with the help of this application. Unfortunately, this application comes at a price of $ 14.95

9. GreaseKit : Ever wondered how you can run that favorite Greasemonkey script of yours on Safari ? Well, stop wondering now. GreaseKit allows you to run wonderful UserScript on Safari.

10. Delicious Safari : Are you a del.icio.us fan ? I am and I can’t live without it. So, it didn’t appeal to me that there are plug-ins available for FireFox & IE but not Safari. Delicious Safari is an excellent plug-in and lets you create and view Del.icio.us bookmarks from Safari.

11. VideoBox : Of course it’s not a plug-in for Safari itself, but it works seamlessly with Safari. It alerts you when it finds a video while you are surfing the web and lets you download it and convert into various formats and helps you add in iTunes as well. Again, it’s available for the price of $ 15.

Now my 2 cents to the whole browser war and I’m sure that most of you will agree to me. Apple has been doing pretty well as far as sales of Macbooks in the last couple years. However, Safari isn’t doing that well, even though the Windows version has been released and was pushed to Windows users, as well.

The reason is, above-mentioned list of plug-ins. The plug-in list is so small and on top of it, some are not even the plug-ins for Safari (they are applications which support Safari in one way or the other), some are free and many are paid ones.

There are many plug-ins, which were of real good value, however they were made paid after a while. Do you think that the popularity of Safari will increase tremendously, if it gets a dedicated community of developers around it. What’s your catch on it ?

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