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by Ritu

Lately we have really tried to kick it in gear and provide information on what’s going on around the web. If you have been a Nethackz subscriber you must have seen short little posts that give you a quick peep into what’s going on both in terms of tech news and in terms of new web developments and so on. Today we just wanted to take a different approach (Isn’t is Trial and Error that helps people find what works and what doesn’t?). In this post you will find links to some of the hottest news that are floating around the web. We know you are busy and you don’t have time to follow each and every site, this is why we want Nethackz to be your source for quick information.

So without any delay, here are links to some of the hottest technology news from around the web ( under each link you will find a brief excerpt to know what you might read if you click on the link ) :

  1. Apprise: An Air RSS reader with AIM/Twitter Integration [ TechCrunch ]
  2. Apprise is in beta right now and it’s completely free. You can easily send links from the feed reader to Twitter or to any of your AIM friends. You could also conceivably edit the code to add in any destination you could imagine including blogs and micro-blogs like Tumblr.

  3. Cool New Rival Set To Challenge Google [ Silicon ]
  4. Cuil (pronounced “cool”) is offering a new search service at that the company claims can index, faster and more cheaply, a far larger portion of the web than Google, which boasts the largest online index.

  5. A Means For Publishers to Put a Newspaper in Your Pocket [ nytimes ]
  6. Verve Wireless believes it can save the dying local newspaper by making it mobile. It offers publishers the technology to create Web sites for cellphones.

  7. MySpace Could Be Flooded By Elvis Impersonators [ Cnet ]
  8. The News Corp.-owned social network, best known for attracting a demographic for whom the King has always been dead, announced Monday that it will be hosting an official Elvis karaoke competition for “Elvis Week 2008.”

  9. Meet Mondo, Multiplayer, Multi-game Network [ Gigaom ]
  10. Moondo, a new “cross-gaming universe” from Funtactix (an Israeli game studio that’s backed by $6 million in Series A funding from Benchmark Capital and Jerusalem Venture Partners) has come out of limited beta.

  11. Usernames and Passwords to San Francisco Network Exposed in Court Docs [ BetaNews ]
  12. San Francisco again has control of its own FiberWAN network, but as it compiles evidence to keep distraught network administrator Terry Childs in jail, the city could have opened itself up to a slew of new security problems.

  13. Yahoo : We Will Reimburse Users for Terminated Music [ Wired ]
  14. When Yahoo announced that it would follow Sony Connect and MSN Music into dissolution by terminating its DRM-ed music store, customers of the store and media analysts were understandably irate.

  15. World’s Cheapest laptop Available in Bulk Only [ Slashdot ]
  16. Unfortunately if you want to buy one you will also need to convince 99 of your closest friends to go in on an order with you since you cannot buy in less than units of 100.

  17. IBM To Buy Ilog For $340 Million [ Network World ]
  18. IBM has agreed to buy French software company Ilog for around $340 million. IBM plans to combine Ilog’s business rules management systems with its own business process management and business optimization tools, it said Monday.

  19. Online Threats Materializing Faster, Study Shows [ Business Week ]
  20. The report also found that spammers are changing their tactics. In many cases they are ditching the pictures and complicated messages they would include in their junk e-mail and opting instead for simple messages and a sole Web link to evade spam filters and redirect users to sites under their control. And the number of spam messages continues to rise.

That’s it for the day guys. The purpose of this post was to provide information from different sources. We are all tied down by responsibilities and our daily duties which makes it hard to gather important information from different sources. So we thought we would compile some hot news from the industry for you to check out without having to scour the web. If you like this idea, please let us know and we will try to incorporate this as often as possible.

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