The Digg Bannings Continue, and Morale is Not Improving

by JD

Digg BanningsOn September 22, after the first large round of bannings on Digg for script useage, Social News Watch posted an article saying that the bannings will continue until morale improves.  Part of it was right.  The other part hasn’t really happened yet.

In a spree earlier this month, Digg laid down the hammer on 50 more users, bringing the total number of top 1000 users banned to over 100.  It appears that they are cleaning house for some reason.

Friday, 10/3 on The Drill Down, there was a lot of discussion and speculation about why the bannings are ramping up so much.  It is assumed that it goes beyond Digg’s public stance of no scripts.  They aren’t damaging to the site, other than the pageviews.  But if that’s the case, why make it a permanent ban?

The speculation seemed to migrate over to either it being a condition for their recent round of funding or in preparation for future sale.  Regardless, one thing is clear.

Morale has not improved.  The most active users of the site are scared.  It seems that with names like Tamar, Zaibatsu, DiggBoss, and Supernova, nobody is safe.  Who’s next?

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